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At Essential Leaders Institute, we know that trained and skilled leaders create teams of leaders that deliver optimum community impact. We are here to connect you, as well as deliver essential training and coaching.

Our Mission

Essential Leaders Institute (ELI) seeks to 

provide training and coaching for new and emerging leaders in the ever evolving world. We focus on Leadership Development, Economic Empowerment and overall Success Coaching. 

Our Vision

When organizations, companies and ministries are operating efficiently, our communities become increasingly stronger. We envision to be a catalyst in a time when our community leaders are filled with diverse, trained and passionate carrying individuals who use their professional skills, personal strengths and platforms to build up their respective communities. 

Imagine if you could become more successful with a daily dose of information in small bites. 

 Well, The 5 Minutes A Day Program is just that! This video program is designed to get you thinking and taking action throughout the day as you go after your dreams and visions.  You’ll get 6 power packed videos and if you desire you can get the workbook with a bonus section for your continued education on the subject of Success! Just click the link below to get started!

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