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Welcome to the Nucleus Conference 2019 

Building Distribution Centers

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The Kingdom of God has placed a high demand on the need for understanding the Apostolic Shift that has shaken up the Paradigm of the Religion. In order to understand this shift we must examine the definition of the term Nucleus. Out of many, nucleus is the the central and most important part of an object, movement, or group, forming the basis for its activity and growth.

I believe a significant portion of the Nucleus of the Kingdom of God is the understanding of the Apostolic along with the other ascension gifts and the impacts they were meant to make on Christendom. 


The Nucleus Conference is a one day intensive geared toward teaching, empowering and cultivating the understanding of the basic and intermediate functions of a True Apostolic Ministry rooted in what I call Apostolic Distribution Centers. 


Our sessions will be beneficial for Apostolic Leaders, Business Leaders, Up and

Coming Entrepreneurs, Church Planters and those of the 5 Fold Ministry gifts. 

Reserve Your Seat Now By Clicking the Link Below!

Limited seating

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