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About Mike Favors

"I am truly humbled. This is what ministry means to me..."

Mike Favors

Apostle Mike L. Favors is a charismatic leader, author, visionary, motivational speaker, entrepreneur and a pastor who has a heart for all humankind.

A native of Detroit, MI, Mike Favors graduated from the historic Dr. Martin L. King Jr. Sr. High School. 

Mike Favors obtained a Bachelors of Arts in Religious Studies from The American Baptist College in Nashville TN, and his Masters of Divinity from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta GA and is currently enrolled at FICU working towards a Ph.D. in Leadership and Curriculum Development.

In March 2009, God arrested Elder Favors attention and led him to establish The Empowerment Action Center in Marietta GA.  Through his teachings and leadership style, He quickly received favor from The Lord and through Apostle Donald Johnson of Faith and Deliverance Outreach Ministries Pastor Favors was consecrated in 2012 as a Bishop in The Lords Church!  

 In 2014 through what is called a divine connection, Bishop Favors was led to the first Saturday Sabbath service at Newbirth MBC in Lithonia where he met Apostle Eddie L. Long. Once again through the Grace and Favor of the Lord and his Spiritual Father elevation and promotion was garnered as Bishop Favors was affirmed an Apostle By Apostle Eddie L. Long and elected as Arch Bishop over Peace Ministries Fellowship (PMF) in 2015.  

Apostle Mike Favors is the CEO and Founder of the Essential Leaders Institute, and is a member of The John Maxwell Team of Leadership. 

About Deidra Jae Favors

Diedra Jae Favors is an exciting Mentor and Life Coach with a zeal for the Lord! As a Woman of God she expresses the Love of The Lord through various functions of leadership!  She is the Leader of the Ladies Of Victory & Excellence, which is a ministry of EAC.  She is the wife of Apostle Mike Favors and spiritual mother to women across the nation. D Jae is the Co. Pastor and founder of EAC, a place that provides the solid foundation for women to connect, develop relationships, engage in uplifting activities and transform the lives of each member of the movement, through DJaes's leadership and direction.  

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