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Gain Insight with Dr. Mike Favors


When it comes to success, many scholars suggest that it is based upon several things. but the main ingredient is discipline in a few key areas. Learn how to be successful in any industry or endeavor with this new timeless classic!

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This book is a collection of thoughts, strategies, examples and experiences that I’ve learned over the past two decades in leadership. The information within is framed in a quick and easy way for application and implementation. Be sure to visit the Bonus Section at the end. Once again thanks for answering the call to lead.
Having Access to all of the earth’s information will serve no genuine purpose if you don’t know how to apply portions of that information. In this dynamic work I walk you through proven strategies on how to understand implementation and how to get the results you desire!
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In today's society we find a variation of messages and interpretations about the Kingdom. One of which that is overlooked is the Kingdom message of favor. In this book you will be introduce to a favor that is designed to grow with you for life.
I believe Grace is the big brother of favor. And once we tap into its unlimited source the sky is the limit which means there are no limits. This book is design to help the reader get a clearer understanding of God's grace and the impact it should have in our daily living.
When you have essential leadership within you sometimes you a need a guide to help it manifest. The 8 Essentials of Leadership is designed to do just that. Unleash your leadership potential with this book.

One of the secrets to success is favor. In The 7 Principles of Favor you will receive daily motivation, practical exercises, and insight that will increase your personal development.
In today's society, we face a plethora of debilitating fears, leaving many unable to maximize their destiny. Because destiny is connected to success, this book teaches us to abandon fear, and live a life of liberation and power.
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Prophetic Training

In this 4 hour training you will receive teaching, training and demonstrative exercises in the prophetic and apostolic teachings.  

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