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Our goal is simply to help YOU become a 6 figure income investor by providing a safe environment for

positive mentorship.



According to Statista ( )


In 2020, the real median household income for Asian households in the United States stood at 94,903 U.S. dollars. 


Median household income in the United States, of all racial and ethnic groups, came out to 67,521 U.S. dollars in 2020. Asian and Caucasian (white not Hispanic) households had relatively high median incomes, while Black and Hispanic households both came in lower than the national average median income. 


A number of related statistics illustrate further the current state of racial inequality in the United States. Unemployment is the second highest among Black or African American individuals in the U.S. with 11.4 percent unemployed, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2020. Hispanic individuals (of any race) were most likely to go without health insurance as of 2020, with 19.7 percent uninsured.


Having seen these numbers Diedra and I decided we have to do something for our culture and community. Hence, The Success Through Faith Club! 

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By combining biblical teachings with practical economic empowerment we have over 40 years of experience the two of us how to create, build and maintain high levels of success. 


We will elevate your mind and take you through a mindset shift that will change your financial paradigm for ever. 


 We will teach you about global economics and how forex, crypto and stock investing can improve and enhance your life. 

Through courses and masterminds sessions we will show you how to diversify your financial portfolio using God’s money or what many call precious metals. 


You will have the opportunity to invest with us and some of our most lucrative deals.


You will be added to our exclusive FB group to network with like minded successful business and entrepreneur moguls.

You will receive discounts on products and future events.

You will gain invaluable Wisdom and Knowledge.

And much much more...

Join The Club Today and become A Success Story Tomorrow for only

               a month



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